We supply and install premium artificial turf in Perth WA.

Ez Artificial Grass is a local Perth business that's been operating for 5 years. We have been installing synthetic lawn products in a wide range of environments, including:


  • Chilcares

  • Homes

  • Businesses (indoor and outdoor)

  • Events

  • Exhibitions

  • Sports grounds

  • Indoor Sports Centres


We have a huge variety of grass products to suit your purpose, our products vary in:

  • Length - ranging from 10mm to 35mm

  • Color - different shades of greens mixed with browns to emulate real grass

  • Thatch - Thinck or thin

  • Stitching - Depends on if commercial or not (wear and tear)

  • Backing - Thickness - rubber

  • Drainage - Drainage holes on the bottom


The Installation Process for Synthetic Grass


At one time, no sane property owner would have installed artificial grass in their yard. That time has passed, when synthetic turf looked artificial. Today you can't distinguish artificial turf from the real thing. It enhances your lawn's appearance and is great for the environment. And since synthetic turf does not require watering, it saves water and maintenance time. Your lawn will look great with a minimum of care.


Here's a brief outline of how the guys from Ez Artificial Grass install their lawns.


How to Install Synthetic Turf


You need to start by choosing the synthetic turf. Go to a number of different artificial turf suppliers to see the variety of types available. Look through their product brochures to see the types of products they have on hand and discuss your needs. For example, do you want a natural-looking  lawn? Then ask about the available cuts, colors and ply. If you want a putting green, you want to have turf that was designed by experts and tested. Get quotes from a number of suppliers before choosing the turf and the supplier you'll be dealing with. 


The same suppliers the sell the synthetic turf will also be the ones to install it. They can give you an estimate that includes the cost of installation. However, you want to get the quote for each separately, then you can check the prices for the tools, equipment and supplies you would need to install the turf yourself. You may need to do some excavation work. So, when estimating the DIY cost, remember to include the cost of a Dingo hire in your calculations. If you don't, you may be in for a lot of hard work as you try to excavate with a wheelbarrow and shovel.


DIY Synthetic Turf Installation


Synthetic turf is designed for the DIY installer. However, it's not as simple as it may seem. Here's a rough guide to how to install your turf.


1. Excavate the area where the turf will be installed to approximately 80 to 90mm below the closest surface area.

2. Spread crushed rock out a 50mm thick layer. You can get this from your supplier, or they can tell you where to locate it.

3. Install the synthetic turf on top of the crushed rock. You can get the products needed to join the turf together from your supplier.

4. Install the "deck spikes" around the edges of the turf to keep the grass from lifting. Use dry sand which has been specially formulated for artificial grass. Spread it over the turf to support the individual blades of artificial grass.


You can brush a granulated rubber into the synthetic turf to help support and it and give it a "springy" feel which will make it feel more natural.


If the installation will be made over a large area, don't worry about slopes and  undulations. Installation of synthetic turf is fast and easy and you can get the job done within a weekend if you have a Dingo to do the heavy work. If you have difficult terrain and a large area to cover, then you should consider letting the supplier install for you. When properly installed your synthetic turf will last for years. You'll be enjoying your lawn long after you've forgotten the cost, time and work you spent on installation.

Ez Grass

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